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Microsoft Asks Supreme Court to Defer

Wednesday July 26 by Claudia bourne
Microsoft Corp. Wednesday asked the Supreme Court to send its appeal of antitrust violations back to a lower appeals court, instead of considering it directly. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson ruled in June that Microsoft had used its monopoly power to compete illegally and unfairly and should be split in two. Microsoft said its appeal raises far too many factual and legal issues for the high court to sort out easily.The company also criticized Judge Jackson for granting interviews about the case to members of the media. Microsoft said that raised ``serious question(s)'' about Jackson's ''impartiality and betray(s) a misguided belief that'' the government was ``entitled to the remedy of (its) choice, no matter how extreme.''

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Senator John Ashcroft of Missouri

Monday March 20 by Claudia bourne
As the political season kicks into high gear, it's time to get answers to the tough questions facing this year's candidates. Yahoo! Chat welcomes Sen. John Ashcroft (R-Mo.) in a special on-line question and answer session, Monday, March 20th at 5:15pET/2:15pPT. Find out what it's like to be at ground-zero for the biggest political battles on Capitol Hill!

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Life is a Juggling Act: Balancing Your Life

Tuesday February 29 by Claudia bourne
Between taking the kids to school, working a full-time job, cleaning the house and cooking dinner, do you find yourself having to schedule a time to sleep? If so, join a live chat's guest Richard Kneip, PhD to learn how to better manage your time and life and still maintain your sanity.

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Tuesday February 29 by Claudia bourne
Hypnobirthing is a safe childbirth technique used to alleviate labor pain, fear and tension. Hypnobirthed mothers usually have less complications, a shorter first stage of labor, an easier transition and easier birth. Join on Tuesday, February 29th at 2pET/11aPT for a chat with Dr. Michelle O'Neill about the advantages of hypnobirthing.

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A Practical Guide to Your Heart and Heart Surgery

Monday February 28 by Drew H
Want to learn more about heart murmurs and what causes them? Can eating meat cause blocked arteries from the cholesterol? Does smoking affect your heart, and if so, how? Is it possible to reverse heart problems in the elderly? Does alcohol reduce the risk of heart disease? What is cardiac catheterization? What is invasive heart valve surgery? For the answers to these and many more questions, please join a live chat with's guest Larry Stephenson, MD .

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